Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Other Side of the Story...

One of the strangest things about this adoption process for me so far has been the whole idea that there is a story taking place on the other side of the world that I know NOTHING about, but has EVERYTHING to do with me! The story of my child and how he's eventually going to make his way into our family! The story of how God is preparing individual's hearts, protecting a birth mom and her womb, showing her hope in a hopeless situation, providing the daily nutrients in a place where food is so sparse, and simply orchestrating a million tiny details that we may never see in order for Isa to specifically be OUR son!

The only thing I have to compare it to is being pregnant with Jude, and in that, I knew how the story was unfolding almost to a tee. He was growing inside of me, I could feel him kick, I could see on an ultrasound each month of how much he grew, I could hear his heartbeat. But with Isa, I have NO IDEA how he's doing, I can speculate that his birth mom is probably pregnant with him right now- but I have no idea how far along she is. From the instant I found out I was pregnant with Jude I read up on every stinking book that would tell me exactly what was happening to him at each stage of my pregnancy, what I should and shouldn't eat, and how I could take better care of myself in order to ensure his well being!

I think we're all inclined to be "out of sight, out of mind" type people- but I can't afford to be that way with this, this is my son! It's quite possibly the hardest and scariest thing ever to feel as though I have absolutely NO CONTROL over the life of my child.  But that's just it, I'm not completely powerless! I HAVE PRAYER! So while I desperately wish this whole adoption journey was being filmed like a movie where I could see both sides of the story coming together, it's not going to happen that way. So I've been taken to a new level in my prayer life, and I'm thankful for it. I figure if I can have an ounce of positive influence over the life of Isa before I wrap my arms around him, then I'll sure as heck pray my heart out!

My prayers lately have been this:

That his birth mom would have supportive people (hopefully family) surrounding her.
That she would have a friend she could confide in that would love her and encourage her.
That she would daily find hope and peace in a her situation and know that God already has plans for her unborn child and it's not worth giving up!
That she would have plenty of food each day and warm shelter at night.
That she would have a healthy and safe labor and delivery.
That Isa would get the proper nutrients and love needed each day to be healthy.
That once she decides to relinquish her rights as his mother, that he would quickly make his way to Hannah's Hope and spend minimal (if no time at all) in a government run orphanage. (There's no such thing as a "good" government run orphanage). Hannah's Hope is wonderful and the quicker he can arrive there, the better care he'll receive.
That ultimately God's hand would be all over this story!

I'm so thankful for a God who is big enough to move mountains, yet personal enough to hear little ole' Hilary's prayers! I know He is at work right now over in Ethiopia and while I don't know what that looks like, I know that I can pour my heart out in prayer and trust that He hears me!


  1. Love this friend!! Very encouraging!!

  2. sweet post... it is SO hard... I'm feeling the same way... AND have been through it once... it's neat how I see God prompted my heart to pray when significant things were happening in Ethiopia that I had no idea about...

  3. I wrote a post yesterday (but didn't publish it yet) that sounds almost identical!!

  4. I'm praying the same things for our little guy. It's amazing to me how mothery we feel already for our little guys. That is the work of our loving God. " Here are prayers O Lord, listen to our cries for mercy" Ps 86:5-6


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