Tuesday, June 3, 2014

This boy....

This boy... I'll tell you what, he has captured our hearts! He is full of life and laughter and we are so incredibly blessed to be his family! He's been home over 5 months now and the time has flown by yet it strangely feels like he's always been here! I continue to shake my head in amazement at God's goodness! Jude is simply an INCREDIBLE big brother and was made for this role! Both the boys adore one another which makes my cup runneth over! There is no such thing as "time to blog" anymore- I spend Isaac's nap times frantically getting things done around the house and working on designing and painting signs https://www.facebook.com/philosophydesign . Life is busy and loud and full of smiles and blessings! Every day I thank God for allowing me to be Jude and Isaac's mom- what a privilege and honor it is!

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