Monday, November 7, 2011

The meaning of Isa's name

Last week after eying these board/signs on pinterest (I'm sure they have a more legit name, I just don't know what else to call them!) I naively decided that, "I could totally do that! AND save myself a good chunk of money!". Well, let's just say that the ambitious creative Hilary that I thought I was quickly left about half way through cutting out the card-stock stencil letters with a box cutter (that's right, you heard me, box cutter...because crafty me doesn't own an x-acto knife)! It became very apparent to me that the people that sell these signs no way spend this much time cutting out homemade stencils! What I've since discovered is that they probably use one of those glorious and super nifty silhouette machine thingy's or something similar! Lucky them! That expensive bad boy can get added to the wish list of items that will never realistically get purchased in my lifetime! With a cramped hand and a kinked neck, I finished up my first board project at like midnight and was torn whether I loved it or hated the darn thing it because of all the unexpected time I had to put into it! But after after a night of rest, some advil, and a the fresh perspective of a new day- I decided I was happy with it!...

So... I did what every normal person would do, and decided to make another one! Joshua came home from work the next day and saw me sitting at the kitchen table in deep concentration cutting more stencils and was like, "Seriously Hilary?!". The thing is, after I finished the first one, all it did was inspire me to want to make more for around the house! And once I get something in my head- I'm determined to make it happen!

I've been working on Isa's room over the past couple months a little here and there, when I have the time.  Walls are painted, world map is hung, handmade bed (thank you Uncle James!) is on it's way in December, and so I decided it needed an extra little piece of artwork to hang in there too! The one thing we love most about Isa's name (besides the fact that it doesn't scream "white boy"... when clearly he will not be that!) is the meaning of his name...

Isa \i-sa\ , is a variant of Isaac (Hebrew) and Isaiah (Hebrew), and the meaning of Isa is "laughter; salvation of God; the Lord helps me"... good stuff, right?!

So, as a reminder to him and to us, this board will be hung in his room! 

You know that leaves me feeling like I need to make one for Jude's room now too! We just have to wait and see if Ambitious & Creative Hilary comes back out again anytime soon!


  1. beautiful!!!! You do good work girl!

  2. I LOVE them!!! You are super creative! It would take me weeks to make something like that! You're making me want to start doing something for Caroline Faith's room (or I should say her half of the room that she'll share with Caty!) :)

  3. Looks awesome, Hil! Can you make me one? :)

  4. Where did you purchase the wood? Did you stain it? Love the one for Isa! And the meaning behind his name is lovely.

  5. They look awesome!!!! I have drooled over a silhouette machine ever since I tried my hand at cutting out my own stencils (A box cutter might be a step up from the sharp point of scissors, lol ;) ). But I think I'm going to need to add the at least $200 dream machine to my dreaming wish list as well. They really do look awesome! Keep up the hard work!

  6. I love it! You should take orders! :)


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