Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ONE YEAR ago we got THE call and Isaac's been HOME 8 months!!!

Exactly ONE YEAR ago today our world changed forever, we finally got THE call! We saw our precious son's face for the very first time! We were blessed beyond words to see photos of him being held by his birth mother. My breath is still taken away by her beauty. August 19th, 2013 will always be a day of joy AND heartache. You see, we not only instantly fell in love with Isaac but our lives forever became intertwined with a beautiful mother, on the other side of the world, who was faced with challenges and hardships that no one should have to encounter! It's a crazy thing to have such extreme emotions swirling through your head and heart all at the same time! To be so utterly in love and captured with the pure joy of FINALLY knowing who this child is that you've been praying for for the last three years, staring at every little perfect detail of his face... and then a moment later, to read through court documents that tell a story of extreme poverty, sickness, hopelessness and a life that simply isn't fair! One year ago today, the incredible privilege of raising another women's child, as my own, instantly weighed heavy on my soul. Right then and there I made a commitment to always honor Isaac's birth mom and tell him of her sacrificial love in choosing life for him! I love this women more than words can say. One year ago today, two worlds collided, God scooped Isaac up in His hands, and began a redeeming work of changing a sad story into a happy one. What an overwhelming joy it is to play a small role in God's story of making beauty from ashes!!!

We spent 19 days in Ethiopia, praying boldly that God would move mountains so that Isaac could come home in one trip and be with our family for Christmas.  EXACTLY FOUR MONTHS after we received THE call, December 19th, 2013, after 49 brutal hours of travel, exhausted and a bit delusional, we walked through the airport doors, Isaac in our arms, and were greeted by our wonderful family!

So today not only marks the one year anniversary of getting THE call, but it also marks Isaac being HOME FOR 8 MONTHS!!!! Eight joy-filled, fabulous months of holding this boy in my arms, standing in awe of God's faithfulness to set the lonely in families!

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